Pumpkin Bowling Craft for Kids

Halloween Pumpkin Bowling Craft for Kids – easy craft and a festive Halloween game to entertain kids for teachers, caregivers, or parents. Halloween fun on a budget.

Offering this pumpkin bowling craft as an activity at this year’s kids classroom Halloween party, or just as a rainy day game is an inexpensive way to ensure a good time for all. Here’s how you can create the pumpkin bowling game with just a few household items.

Pumpkin Bowling Craft Supplies

  • 6 Rolls of toilet paper
  • A small round pumpkin
  • A black sharpie
  • Drill

Pumpkin Bowling Craft Instructions

  1. Using the black sharpie color two small circles for eyes and a large oval for a mouth creating a ghost face.
  2. If your small pumpkin has a large stem cut it down as close to the pumpkin surface as possible.
  3. Using a drill, drill three small holes into the pumpkin similar to a bowling ball’s.

Halloween pumpkin bowling is a festive craft / game that can easily entertain children of any age. For little ones like toddlers who don’t quite grasp the idea of bowling you can simply skip drilling the pumpkin to make finger holes. Instead have them roll the pumpkin into the ghost pins.

With pumpkin bowling teachers, parents, and caregivers alike can help get their kiddos in the Halloween spirit providing a fun, spooktastic game at a fraction of the cost. Enjoy & Happy Crafting!

Article submitted to Oakland County Moms by Samantha Bronsing of Oakland County Crafters.

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Enjoy your pumpkin bowling craft this fall!

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