Summer Fun Things To Do

Summer Fun Things To Do – local summer ideas and fun things to do with kids that are cheap and affordable. Are you ready for what to do when school is out for the summer?


Come May, most parents start to think “What are the kids going to do all summer?” Or, better yet, “What am I going to do with these kids home all summer?” Elementary school teachers do a GREAT JOB acting as cruise directors for a busy school day. How can you help keep the kids active during the normal school hours with fun (and sometimes educational) activities?

Here are some of our tried and true methods for keeping the younger ones busy throughout the summer. Sometimes educational, ALWAYS fun and affordable. Don’t forget to check out our FREE SUMMER FUN FOR KIDS page for more Summer Fun Things To Do tips and ideas for kids!


Summer Fun Things To Do For Kids

  • Water Balloon Games – Take an hour and fill up as many water balloons as possible. Take small pieces of paper and write simple math problems on them and put them into a basket. Write numbers (answers) with sidewalk chalk on the brick wall of the house. The kids take turns picking from the basket of math problems. Once they figure out the answer, the first to throw and hit a water balloon at the number target wins a point. Keep score with sidewalk chalk and slash marks on the bricks.  Another fun game…with sidewalk chalk, draw large bull’s-eye circles on the pavement and have the kids toss balloons into the circle for points.
  • Local Libraries – have summer fun things to do! Most local libraries have summer reading programs and creatively fun, FREE events.
  • Make Your Own Slip ‘n Slide – Purchase a painter’s plastic sheet and place it on a small hill outside. Spray consistently with a hose while the kids take a running start and slide down. Here’s how to make one – it’s EASY.
  • A-Z Photo Adventure – If they don’t use a phone, give the kids yours (or a kid-friendly digital camera) and have them take pictures outside of different objects that start with each letter of the alphabet. Then put together a photo slideshow to music.
  • Field Trips to New Playgrounds – Take the kids to a different park playground or school playground each time you want to visit a park. It’s like a new adventure every time, and they can’t wait to see what kind of play structure the “new” school has. Take pics and talk about your favorite local playgrounds. If you need help finding them, try out Parks Directory.
  • Neighborhood Playdates – Work out a deal with the neighbors to trade kids every now and then. It’s a break for you if they are at the neighbor’s house, or if the kids are occupied and busy playing at your house. Work out arrangements with the parents to rotate playdates and don’t forget playdate etiquette!
  • Sidewalk Chalk Win Lose or Draw – Write down simple picture ideas on squares of paper and put in a bowl. Each kid picks from the bowl and draws the picture on the pavement with sidewalk chalk. If someone can guess what it is, that player gets a point.
  • Nature Scavenger Hunt – By creating a nature scavenger hunt for kids, you can empower them to use their senses and natural curiosity while being outside in the fresh air and sunshine.
  • Kids Bowl FREE – Bowling centers from around the country are giving away 2 free games of bowling each day as an opportunity for kids and families to enjoy bowling during the summer months. To sign up, visit
  • Water Fun – Have the kids run through the outdoor sprinklers, play with squirt guns, or go for a walk on a rainy day (with or without umbrellas!). There’s something fun about outdoor water play. There’s even an AWESOME splash pad at Heritage Park in Farmington Hills that’s FREE!

What are your favorite Summer Fun Things To Do for Kids tips?

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