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Kids Stealing From Others In School

It’s disheartening to watch your child have their personal property stolen from them at school and you can’t do anything about it. Has your child ever had

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Lawrence Technological University Summer Camps

Social Media Challenge for Teens

Social Media Challenge for Teens – Finding ways to challenge teens to explore their social media habits to see if they are healthy, unhealthy, or a complete

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Ultimate Road Trip for Moms

I recently did a solo road trip to break the shackles of the daily mom grind. My ultimate road trip for moms was 1400 miles to Florida in a day and

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Chef Marcela Valladolid Interview

Chef Marcela Valladolid Interviw – Holiday Potluck Brunch Tips – I interviewed Marcela Valladolid of the Food Network to get tips on how to throw a holiday

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98 Degrees Interview

98 Degrees Interview – I was recently granted pre-show passes to interview 98 Degrees at their Detroit stop of their My2K Tour at Meadow Brook Amphitheatre.

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back to school

Year Round School in Michigan?

Year Round School in Michigan? Count me in! With the school year fast-approaching, it’s a perfect time to discuss the year-round option for Michigan school

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barnes and noble

Harry Potter Book Release Parties

Harry Potter Book Release Parties – Local book release parties to celebrate the July 31, 2016 release of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Parts One & Two.

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