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Are Kids Today TOO Cautious?

Are Kids Today TOO Cautious? I am of the belief kids, in general, aren’t taking as many risks as they did when I was growing up and I’m not sure this is a

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Teen Bodybuilding Statistics

Teen Bodybuilding Statistics – Teen bodybuilding and exercise has been put under the microscope by the AAP. The AAP (American Association of Pediatrics) has

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When Does the Fun End for Kids?

When Does the Fun End for Kids? When the fun of being a kid slowly melts into more responsibility in school, less fun on the playground, and more

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When Mean Girls Become Mean Moms

When Mean Girls Become Mean Moms – Gossip. As parents we try our best to warn our kids of the negative impact and hurt talking behind the backs

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The Joy of Grandparenting

The Joy of Grandparenting – I abuse the cliche’ “I wish I could stop time.” I’m the mom that looks at her kids and wants things to slow down. They grow up

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Summer Media Allowance Update

Summer Media Allowance Update – A few weeks ago I dropped the parenting hammer on my 2 kids and instituted a rigid media “allowance” for the summer

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Standing Up to Bullies

Standing Up to Bullies – As kids interact, we teach them to use their words. When toddlers play and they get frustrated, we explain to them they need to

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Do Allowances Work?

Do Allowances Work? Should you ask kids to do chores in return for getting a fixed amount of money? I don’t recall getting an allowance as a child. I

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